As Brazil and India struggle with surging coronavirus cases, a top health expert is warning that the world is still in the very middle of the outbreak, dampening hopes for a speedy global economic rebound and renewed international travel.


"Right now, we''re not in the second wave. We''re right in the middle of the first wave globally," said Dr Mike Ryan, the World Health Organization''s executive director.

"現在,我們還沒有進入第二波疫情,我們在全球范圍內正處于第一波疫情的中間期 " 世界衛生組織執行主任邁克-瑞恩博士說。

"We''re still very much in a phase where the disease is actually on the way up," Ryan said, pointing to South America, South Asia and other parts of the world.

" 實際上,我們仍然處于疫情上升階段" 瑞恩指著南美洲、南亞和世界其他地區說。

India, with a population of over 1.3 billion, saw a record single-day jump in new cases for the seventh straight day. It reported 6,535 new infections Tuesday, raising its total to over 145,000, including close to 4,200 deaths.


The virus has taken hold in some of the country''s poorest, most densely populated areas, underscoring the challenges authorities face in trying to contain a virus for which no vaccine or cure has yet to be developed.


Most of India''s cases are concentrated in the western states of Maharashtra, home to the financial hub of Mumbai, and Gujarat. Infections have also climbed in the east as migrant workers stranded by lockdowns returned to their native villages from India''s largest cities.


Despite this, India allowed domestic flights to resume Monday following a two-month hiatus, but at a fraction of normal traffic levels.


In Brazil, where President Jair Bosonaro has raged against state and local leaders enforcing stay-at-home measures, WHO warned that before reopening the economy, authorities must have enough testing in place to control the spread of the virus.

在巴西,總統杰爾 · 博索納羅對強制執行居家措施的州和地方領導人大發雷霆,世衛組織警告稱,在經濟重新開放之前,當局必須有足夠的檢測手段來控制病毒的傳播。

"You must continue to do everything you can," he said.

“你必須繼續竭盡全力 ”他說。

Victory Day has become the most important holiday in Russia, marked every year on May 9 with a show of armed might in Red Square.


Putin said the country has passed the peak of the outbreak.


Russia reported a record one-day spike Tuesday of 174 deaths, bringing the country''s confirmed death toll to over 3,800. Russia''s coronavirus caseload surpassed 360,000 - the third-highest in the world - with almost 9,000 new infections registered.


"We have to start working with our European partners to retake the freedom of movement in European territories," Arancha González Laya told Cadena SER radio.

“我們必須開始與我們的歐洲伙伴合作,以在歐洲地區重新獲得行動自由 ” Arancha gonz lez Laya 告訴 Cadena SER 電臺。

Spain is eager to welcome tourists to shore up an industry that accounts for 12% of the country''s GDP.

西班牙渴望游客來支撐這個占該國國內生產總值12% 的產業。

Aiming to entice travelers, Greek authorities will introduce cheaper tickets for sea travel from the mainland to Greek islands on June 1.


Indonesia said it will deploy 340,000 security forces in 25 cities to enforce health rules as the world''s fourth most populous nation prepares to reopen shopping centers and other businesses in the capital Jakarta on June 4.


South Korea began requiring people to wear masks on public transit and in taxis. The country is tracing dozens of infections lixed to nightclubs and other venues as it prepares for 2.4 million students to return to school on Wednesday.


South Korea''s Health Ministry said beginning in June, "high-risk" businesses such as bars, nightclubs, gyms, karaoke rooms and concert halls will be required to use QR codes to register customers so they can be found more easily when infections occur. Privacy watchdog group Jinbo Net called the move excessive.

韓國衛生部表示,從6月份開始,將要求酒吧、夜總會、健身房、卡拉 ok 廳和音樂廳等“高風險”場所使用二維碼登記客戶,以便在感染時更容易發現客戶,隱私權監督組織 Jinbo Net 稱此舉過分。

"That''s exactly how we step into a surveillance state," it said.

" 這是讓我們進入了監控狀態 " 該組織說。

Meanwhile, seven public media outlets from the U.S., Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia said they will work to beat back "the proliferation, particularly on social networks, of fake news" about COVID-19.

與此同時,來自美國、歐洲、歐洲、加拿大、日本和澳大利亞的7家公共媒體表示,他們將努力遏制有關COVID-19的 " 假新聞的擴散,特別是在社交網絡上的假新聞 "。

The broadcasters include France Médias Monde, Deutsche Welle, the BBC World Service, NHK World, CBC Radio-Canada, ABC Australia and the U.S. Agency for Global Media, whose networks include Voice of America and Radio Free Asia.


Worldwide, the virus has infected 5.5 million people, killing about 350,000, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University. Europe has had about 170,000 deaths and the U.S. has seen nearly 100,000. Experts say the tally understates the true toll of the disaster.

根據約翰斯霍普金斯大學的統計數字,在全球范圍內,病毒已感染了 550 萬人,約 35 萬人死亡,歐洲約 170,000 人死亡和美國已接近 10 萬,專家們說,這個統計數字低估了這場災難造成死亡的真實人數。